• We operate under the guiding principle that in order to maximize our own ROI, we must help our partners grow assets, improve profitability, and achieve greater financial success for themselves
  • Our investments are not simply passive financial transactions; we are an active strategic partner that adds value with our experience and relationships, without interfering with how our partners manage their firms
  • We provide permanent capital and are long-term partners that look to capitalize together on industry trends, innovations, and opportunities


  • The financial capital invested by White Oak into a manager’s firm enhances business stability and allows for accelerated growth opportunities
  • Our active involvement provides leverage and support to managers, reducing distractions and enabling them to optimize performance by focusing more time and attention on investing

  • Our strategic and tactical advice and support reduces business risk and adds to institutional investors’ comfort and confidence about investing with managers

  • Additional distribution and capital-raising resources helps grow assets under management and diversify a manager’s investor base